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“Doom” Gameplay Reveal Footage (E3 2015)

As most of you probably know, about a year ago Doom 4 was officially renamed to Doom, to emphasize the intention of rebooting the series. Of course, today’s revealing of the title’s gameplay during Bethesda’s conference at E3, made the decision perfectly clear, i.e. the game will not be a successor to Doom 3 in terms of its genre, and it will be quite close to what we saw in Quake 4, especially considering the design aesthetics, but with a more arena-based map, akin to the original Doom, as well as other classic FPS titles released in the past decade, including two of the more successful series of Serious Sam and Painkiller, and various other Doom-inspired shooters like Hard Reset, Bulletstorm, and Alien Rage.

The game is set for release in 2016, simultaneously on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Just looking forward to a less buggy id Tech engine and that should be about it, because boy they do a have history; ever since id Tech 4, getting them to run at a reasonable framerate’s been literally impossibly unless one’s got the time’s highest-end build, and things have gotten even far crazier after the fifth version, since the dire performance isn’t anymore compensated by cutting edge graphical fidelity; that said, let’s see if the demonic sixth version will do anything against the odds, delivering the engine from the benevolent or not. May we then enjoy another good fight with Cyberdemon. Who knows.

Written by Ari Wilson


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