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Sludge Metal Icons “Meatjack” Tease Fans With News Of A Possible Tour/Album

Meatjack Flyer (CBGB's) (Holy Grail From Hell)

The trio’s been dormant for way too long, but let me cut to the chase; many of you know Meatjack, many of you didn’t until that article came out about a year ago — yep, “that” one — and some of you might not still know them, in which case you’re most probably in the wrong webzine, or at least in the wrong section of the zine. So, here’s the deal, couple hours ago, the founding member, Jason Daniloski, posted the following on their official Facebook page, packed with a Youtube link to their instr. track off the “Days Of Fire” record, ‘Sea Of Tranquility’:

“Life is short. Let’s see what we can do about playing next spring. If everyone is up for it,of course.”

Of course everyone’s up for it! We are, for one, and I’m quite sure Eric and Brian are, too. And everyone else better be, after hearing something like that. Here’s our proof over at the Grail, posting some arcane Meatjack flyers and one solid gold of a photo with none other than the pube king himself beside the Daniloskis. So, bring it on goddamn it!

Written by Ari Wilson

Meatjack Flyer (Charlie's Eyes) (Holy Grail From Hell)

Meatjack Flyer (W Mastodon & Damad) (Holy Grail From Hell)

Meatjack W John Waters (Holy Grail From Hell)


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