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Kenneth Anger’s “Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome” Screening Tomorrow In Paris

Triptych Version Of Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome... (Holy Grail From Hell)

Early HGFH readers can tell there’s a connection between how Anger employed the triptych technique in the realm of cinema and our employment of it in the previous iteration of our webzine. They also know how we’re all partial to Kenneth Anger. And here it is — a one-time-only re-screening of the ’54 Anger classic “Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome,” starring novelist Anaïs Nin; Marjorie Cameron, Samson De Brier, directors Curtis Harrington and Renate Druks; and of course Anger himself, about to be realized once again in its original, triptych contour.

The event will transpire tomorrow in Max Linder Panorama, Paris (Order Ticket). Oh and never mind the rest of the world; Rhys Chatham will be blessed, instead of us.

Watch the teaser for the triptych version below. Also, in case you haven’t already, watch the full film (’78 version) at this place.

Written by Ari Wilson


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