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Streaming Now: Queen Elephantine – “Omen”

Streaming Now Queen Elephantine - Omen (Holy Grail From Hell)Put simply, the newly introduced “Streaming Now” column is a doppelgänger of the watchable wound series “Screening Now,” with us less bombarding the readers with words, rather treating them as blind/listeners, and abiding by the Schoenberg “That is none of your business.”

In this prime episode, we will be tuning to one of our favorites — the Queen Elephantine. It is a compilation of a their unreleased tracks from over eight years ago, “Omen,” the release which also acts as a curtain raiser for the collective’s next studio full-length, “KALA.” An enthralling choice of era for me personally, since it was indeed, at the outset, the Sons Of Otis/Queen Elephantine split that introduced me to the band.

Across the drone doom spectrum, Queen Elephantine — one of the earliest to borrow the percussion factor from their psychedelic rock forefathers — is to be found someplace before Bong and after Om, in respect to the dose of the drug and ritual each. And certainly more in favor of experimentation than the other two, their dwelling is just about as pivotal as untraveled. But let us not go any farther, so the rest be spoken through the sonic lexicon.

Written by Ari Wilson


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