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“Swans” Release New Double Live Album “The Gate;” Next Studio Record Confirmed By M. Gira

Swans Release New Double Live Album The Gate (Holy Grail From Hell)

Continuing the footprints of “Not Here / Not Now” and “We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head” before that, Swans’ brand new double live record, aptly titled “The Gate,” has been just released to once again offer rough renditions of the new improvisations/compositions before making full-form appearance. And most likely not an easy one to miss, as with previous recordings, these performances at many occasions have the potential to surpass the final versions, mainly due to the organic nature of the songs.

Next will be the yet-to-be-named upcoming studio release, which, according to Michael Gira, is to be the last with the current line-up. Additionally, in an extensive note, Gira addresses some probabilities of what is to expect in the future, including chances of him returning to writing and leaving music entirely, but for the moment nothing is acknowledged as certain.

Tracklist for “The Gate”:

Disc One:

1. Frankie M.

2. A Little God in My Hands

3. Apos/Cloud of Unforming

Disc Two:

1. Just A Little Boy

2. Cloud Of Forgetting

3. Bring The Sun/Black-Eyed Man

4. When Will I Return (Demo)

5. New Rhythm Thing (Demo)

6. People Like Us (Demo)

7. Red Rhythm Thing (Demo)

8. Finally, Peace (Demo)

Information on orders:


Written by Ari Wilson

Swans Release New Double Live Album The Gate (Holy Grail From Hell) (2)

Swans Release New Double Live Album The Gate (Holy Grail From Hell) (1)


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