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Ifa Y Xango Tentet ‎- “Twice Left Handed \\ Shavings” Review & Stream

Ifa Y Xango Tentet ‎- Twice Left Handed Shavings (Holy Grail From Hell)

Diversity and aleatoric tension play a major role in the 30-minute jazz trip that is “Twice Left Handed \\ Shavings,” with the tentet variation of the Ifa Y Xango collective dead-set on working out minimal passages of rhythms unto their very extremes. It is a work already done within the rock spectrum by a handful of krautrock units, in particular Faust. But the trick here concerns the origin of Ifa Y Xango, which happens to be very much on the jazz side.

Most of the songs commence and even grow steadily, as if they were intended as the Necks rip-offs, though there most assuredly rests a beast of prey somewhere in or out of sight, waiting for its time to come — and to prove otherwise.

Peripeteia is therefore achieved through ‘becoming’ and not reversal; either by the violent influx of an unasked instrument, or the morphing of another, thanks to the multi-layered electronic arrangements. The facade of whose sonic movements could make one think of the performance as highly orchestrated, while the reality being the piece is but an ever-dissolving orchestra.

And if any of you wonder whether the record is to pragmatize the Hatfield And The North classic, ‘Shaving Is Boring,’ I’ll have to note you’ll be not only amazed by the title track, but know for certain that sonic shaving is not boring. Not even close. The track centers around everything post-rock about rock n’ roll, and in a moment’s reach, dementia will take over. It all forms a sense of thrill that is long lost in contemporary music, may it be the avant-garde or the old-school, as the ears of the ‘listener’ know what to expect from almost anything. An assertion not so true in the polystylist domain of the Ifa Y Xango Tentet.

Written by Ari Wilson


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