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‘Devil’s Day Special’ Streaming Now: The Blunder Of A Horse – “Zoantrophi”

The Blunder Of A Horse - Zoantrophi (Holy Grail From Hell)In their own words, their most ‘playful’ record to date, but boy isn’t “Zoantrophi” the most concretely chilling effort from The Blunder Of A Horse. The ensemble behind “Mystery Manta,” one of our personal favorites from last year, yet again have managed to mold an incredibly multivocal brand of free improv. centered around everything from microtonality to electroacoustic and kosmische musik. Postmaximalism and post-fluxus indeed come as applicable as The Blunder Of A Horse not only deploy a folk/rock-based instrumentation, they happen to invert the academic consensus. Pure anti-art delight. The very thing today’s improv. scene is desperately in need of. Needless to mention, this is an era when there is no such thing as no wave or krautrock to save the day for rock n’ roll, and freeform music is mostly found in areas confined to the academic.

Written by Ari Wilson


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