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Finest Desktop Web Browsers

Finest Desktop Web Browsers (Holy Grail From Hell)Privacy concerns and customizability are usually tied together, i.e. the more control the user has over a specific computer software — in this case a browser — the more private an experience it could provide the user with. With that in mind, neither of the said factors are the sole criteria behind this list. Equally important for us are the overall performance and the level of optimization, and while there would be no universal winner in all departments, one could choose any based on the observations offered throughout the article and with regards to both the context and individual needs.

“Slimjet”Slimjet Web Browser (Holy Grail From Hell)OS: Windows/Linux
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Chrome was both fast and compact back in 2008, but it never ever was designed with the user in mind, and there were hardly any in-depth set of options included even in the earlier builds. As of this day, Chrome is none of those, meaning not only it’s one of the slowest browsers on the market, it has taken its anti-user agenda into a whole new level, making sure the user doesn’t have a say in things as fundamental as updates. For an internet user of this age, who is bound to deal with Google products one way or another, that is a disaster. Until of course, you run into other Blink-based, Chromium projects like Slimjet or SRWare Iron, FlashPeak’s Slimjet being the most reliable, most cared-for alternative out there. The privacy options alone are worth the package, and even though there is room for improvement, especially concerning appearance customizability, the over-the-top performance, extended array of settings, and the user-centered philosophy make Slimjet the choicest Blink-based browser available.

SLIMJET IN ACTION:Slimjet (Holy Grail From Hell)

“Cyberfox”Cyberfox Logo (Holy Grail From Hell)OS: Windows
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Mozilla did the worst by following the already decaying path of Google, and hadn’t it been for Cyberfox, I for one would have abandoned the entire ecosystem, regardless of all the useful extensions and little innovations. One essential thing to remember is that Cyberfox doesn’t merely act as a 64-bit iteration of Firefox; it rather expands on customizabilities (both behavior- and appearance-related settings, such as the option to ditch Australis UI in favor of the classic UI), eliminates newly introduced features that rely on collection of personal information such as telemetry, health-report, sponsored tiles; and is constantly patched to stay updated as the source changes. Gecko might not be future of the world wide web, but neither is this list concerned with that.

CYBERFOX IN ACTION:Cyberfox (Holy Grail From Hell)

“Lunascape Orion”Lunascape Orion Logo (Holy Grail From Hell)OS: Windows
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More than suggesting Lunascape for its implementation of the three engines, we would be suggesting it since it very much is the only place where you can have both a Trident-based browser and fairly well amount of control over your browsing experience. Also, Lunascape is one of the very few browsers with a retro appearance reminiscent of mid 2000’s instead of say what is usually regarded as retro (the 90’s), and I regularly refer to it as the way Opera should have looked like today, but then again that is pretty much the point: Lunascape, or in specific, the Orion design, is just about a modern-looking environment as it is an old one.

LUNASCAPE ORION IN ACTION:Lunascape Orion (Holy Grail From Hell)

“Maxthon Nitro”Maxthon Nitro Logo (Holy Grail From Hell)OS: Windows
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If Maxthon’s main application software were as neatly crafted as Nitro, I wouldn’t have hesitated one second in permanently switching from Slimjet to it. That is to say, Nitro, which is currently in hiatus for no apparent reason, is at best a browser for use on-the-go or general incognito sessions where you wouldn’t mind the exclusion of extensions, history, and settings as a whole. It boasts an intriguing appearance and performs faster than any other browser you can imagine, but in order to achieve that, Maxthon Nitro skips every single other department, thereby making our ‘finest’ list, presupposing the context where you would appreciate that.

MAXTHON NITRO IN ACTION:Maxthon Nitro (Holy Grail From Hell)

“Sleipnir”Sleipnir Logo (Holy Grail From Hell)OS: Windows/Mac
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While its Safari-inspired aesthetics and design philosophy (e.g. abhorrent font anti-aliasing) could be a major drawback for many, including myself, the Sleipnir does many other things right, making it more than your average Blink/Webkit fork; namely, dynamic group-tabs realized via the FavTabs component, which work in a similar manner as that of multi-desktops; the Site Updates where new posts are accumulated according to your browsing behavior — raising the question of privacy, well, why shouldn’t it be up to the user, same as a feed reader? — and finally thumbnail-tabs, which, interestingly enough do not lead to less browsing space; as a matter of fact, and as it is well-demonstrated in the screenshot below, Sleipnir offers more browsing space when compared to all other contenders. It is, nonetheless, still far from a fully customizable browser, and unlike other entries on this list, you won’t be in charge of a many things. Its closest counterpart, not mentioned here, would be Vivaldi, currently in-development, which, in case of Vivaldi, means a lot of hangups, a performance riddled with poor optimization, and an infinite number of bugs. Shared by both is the attention given to aesthetics and the lack of a thorough user-centered agenda, despite the so-called power user being both’s target one way or another.

SLEIPNIR IN ACTION:Sleipnir (Holy Grail From Hell)

Written by Ari Wilson


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