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Art-Wounds For All And None

Arranged and issued at random, Holy Grail From Hell is ‘the webzine’ written by and for those passionate about art and not the dead presidents. Covering the underground-below-underground; from sludge metal, noise rock, and psychedelia, to free jazz, electroacoustic and contemporary classical music; the main purpose of the zine remains: music, while a number of other artforms are eccentrically detailed; e.g. film, visual arts, literature, and video games.

The Static Expedition

Ari Wilson, whose path in journalism is similar to that of a shark flying among stones, began his writing career in late 2000’s — at the time music piracy flourished — as a purveyor of all things destructive within the rock spectrum. His somewhat intransigent remarks on both the underground and mainstream scenes made him an unpopular figure among fellow Bloggers; however, few in the so-called stoner scene respected him, exchanging links to one another’s pages, including the now-deceased DoomGrinder, Angrychairs, and Stonerobixxx. One chief focus of the Holy Grail From Hell by then was the peerless coverage for everything Mastodon-related, to a point when top news sites such as Blabbermouth.com referred to Holy Grail From Hell articles on several occasions.

Sharing the love for Mastodon, Wilson eventually joined forces with the fanzine Fuck Yeah Mastodon in mid 2011, where he became one of the two primary individuals behind it. In late 2011, he curated the first in a series of digital compilations entitled Sludge Metal Massacre. Ever since, the series has gained acclaim from genre veterans Today Is The Day, Fistula, Eolian Empire Records, Loreen Lenoir (R.I.P.), among others. Later on, and when most of his fellow Blogger comrades were struggling with the newly implemented anti-piracy laws, Holy Grail From Hell continued to delve into new spheres, revealing multiple new vessels; namely, Satan Worshipping Ritual, a zine dedicated to the extreme, perverse music; The Thrall Of Doom, hardcore punk and doom metal; and Revolting Jesus, the depraved and the underground-below-underground.

With the introduction of the three, the grip of time was clearly felt on his neck. These were acts of passion and nothing more, afterall. And not a single buck was made out of any of it. That merely resulted in fewer output, and by the time he launched the Last.fm group, In Sludge We Crust, the “we,” was about just as abstract — conceptually, as it is in its religious counterpart. Despite all the odds, Holy Grail From Hell survived the following years, seeing less ordinary posts and more anthology ones, like the gigantic Albums-Of-The-Year lists and the notorious 31 Records To Listen To Instead Of Mastodon’s “Once More ‘Round The Sun”. What’s more, he’s been accompanying his friend running the Swans fanzine Swans Lunacy, since 2013; the zine praised by Mute Records and the zine — that has been said to have brought smile to M.Gira’s face at one time.

Undertaking a task of enormous particularity, Wilson’s gonzo writings were becoming more and more intertextual, with some like the legendary avant punk rockers Chrome even hailing it as academic writing. The gonzo notion was verging on post-gonzo, incorporating a good deal of philosophic innards, all while he himself rejected the label academic numerous times. Those account for his early 2014 writings as well as the time he spent writing for CVLT Nation later that year, and of course the current holygrailfromhell.wordpress.com articles, fragments, and commentaries, which you already are familiar with.

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